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15. aprill 2008 at 17:20 (mängud, raamatud)

Nagu tema blogi külastajad ilmselt juba teavad, siis vastab George R.R. Martin Barns&Noble Center Stage raames reede õhtuni küsimustele. Kolm teemat on: Wild Cards, telekogemus ja kõik muud raamatud (s.h. Tuli&jää). Foorumisse regamine on lihtne… aga kõikidele ta vastata ei jõua. Küsige huvitavalt. =)

Hi Mr. Martin,

I’m a role player and ever since I’ve read A Song of Ice and Fire, I’ve been convinced that the novels are based on a game of yours. The multiple entwined storylines were hauntingly familiar to me despite never having met this kind of technique in literature before. In other words, the vast scope and huge depth of detail of A Song of Ice and Fire aside, this is exactly how we run our games.

To us, that also explains why Dragons are taking so long. In our experience, it takes much more time to play all those events than to write them down in a book — and it’s definetly all the more time consuming with the HUGE ensemble of the characters.

This has got to be true. But is it?

Sorry, no. WILD CARDS was based on a role-playing game I ran back in the 80s, but A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE has no ties to any rpg.


Please also give my regards to the player of Tyrion (if he exists). I love his lines. And to Jaime’s player too.

Vot selline lugu siis.


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Amok tagasi!

10. aprill 2008 at 19:41 (igasugust)

Kahjuks uusi Tule&jää pilte pole, aga vähemalt nüüd on olemasolevad korralikult saadaval: =)

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